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l. Face Cosmetic Surgery Questions

Nose Correction Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Related Questions

  •  Who should do the Nose corrcetion surgery, ENT specialist or Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon?

 This is one of the most asked questions in nose correction surgery (Rhinoplasty). Ofcourse both a ENT specialist and a cosmetic plastic surgeon can do this kind of surgery and there are a lot of ENT specialists who are very succesfull in noce sorrcetion (Rhinoplasty) but from experience and our professional view we would like to say that cosmetic surgery is a spesific area, with different methods and view. Therefore we support the idea that nose corrcetion (Rhinoplasty) should be done by a cosmetic surgeon who has a lot of expereince in cosmetic and funtional nose surgery. The nose is a limited small area, even small changes can lead to big differences.


  • Does nasal bone is broken in aesthetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) ?

 The nose bones are not broken, for nose correction and forming there is a need for "cutt" sometimes or in some cases rasping is another method used for nose correction (Rhinoplasty)


  • Can nose correction (Rhinoplasty) surgery be preformed under local anesthesia?

 Rarely,depending on the problem, nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) can be performed under local anesthesia. If there is a need for adjustments related to nose bones which is mostly required in these cases nose surgery (Rhinoplasy) is performed under general anesthesia.


 • Is removing tampon after nose correction (Rhinoplasty) painful?

Putting nose tampon is not necessary in all nose correction (rhinoplasty) surgeries. It depends on the done nose correction procedure. However nowadays modern nose tampons are not like it was in older methods,mıch smaller an dmuch more comfortabel. Our patient describe a more strange feeling not strong pain. Befor removing the tampon we make the tampon wett with a special solution which makes the process much more comfortable


 Purpose of a nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), taking some nose bones out and make the nose smaller ?

 The goal of nose surgery is not to take some bone out and make the nose smaller.

The aim is to give the desired nose shape. Contrary to popular belief, this is reached not by making the nose smaller, the opposite by making it larger. For example most people have a "hump" on the nose which often is cartilage, if its to much it have to taken out but most who confront this problem also have a hanging, upper nose tip which have to be lifted up even with this lift up this nose hump is becomming smaller and in some cases not even to see. Similary in person with big nose tip, the more common problem is the shape of the nose, mostly a reduction / thinning is bringing other problems .


ll.Body Cosmetic Surgery Questions

 Breast Prosthesis (Breast Augmentation) Related Questions

  • Beastfeed with breast implants after breats augmentation ?

  This is one of the most asked questions of women who plan a breast augmentation surgery or had a breast augmentation surgery. Th answer is "yes" a women can breasrfeed after a breats augmentation surgery. The breast implants (prosthesis) are places under the breast gland and mammary glands, this does not have any effect on the milk ducts. A possibel risk can develope if the implants is set from the nippel area due to the incisions. Normally, however, also this is an unexpected situation but the risk of milk ducts is higher in this way.


  • Does breast implants (prothesis) cause breast cancer ?

  There is no strong scientific reserach indication a breast implants (prothesisi) and breats cancer relationship . This has been a research topic for many years in the USA. A term FDA fas forbidden the use of silicone breast implants completely. However, later research has proven that there is NO effect of breast implants and FDA has again re-released the use of breast implants again. In summary, according to our present knowledge it would not be wrong to say that breats implants do not cause the development of breast cancer.


  • What are the related factors to reach a natural result in Breast prosthesis (breast augmentation) ?

  Some local and foreign celebrities get more prominent with their unnatural breast implants results. Some of our patients show some celebrity breast photos, whose names I do not want to give here and emphasize how they DO NOT want to look like after the breast augmentation surgery. A natural breast result depends on the surgeons methods, experience. Some models have the same size breast implant but different results. It would be wrong to say that this is a breast implants is the reason for this.


Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Related Questions

  • Can hanging/ saggy breast after breastfeeding be lifted up with breast implants (prothesis) ?

Especially after breastfeeding a lost of tissue which we call atrophy can develope. The breast can saggy / hang like volume lost and emptyness inside the breats tissue can develope. To fix this sagging and lifting up, a breast prosthesis is not always enough. In rare cases if the main problem is the reduction in breast tissue, a breast implant can give very good results but if the skin is also sagging the  breast augmentation surgery should be combined with a "breast lift (lift)" mastopexy surgery.


  • Breastfeed after breast lift surgery?

It hard to answer this questions as definitely "Yes" , only in certain surgical methods breastfeeding can be a higher posibility. 

In breastfeeding its important that the nipple, milk ducts and milk glands during surgery is untouched. If you move up the nippel from the base (some surgeons use this method) the ability to breastfeed afterwards will be a low but another spesific method called "central Pedicul" the nippel is protected a a whole part together with the channels and glands. This is a more breast feeding protective methode.


Questions about Breast Reduction

• Is non scar breast reduction surgery possible?

Non scar breast reduction surgery is usually not possible. Only in very rare cases if the problem is ONLY about the size and no need for breast lift , breast reduction can be done with the liposuction method. However this breast reduction is very limited and a sagging breast can develope to a degree after the liposuction.


  • Will the breast reduction surgery scars bother me?

If your breats size is so large that you complain from neck, back pain this scar line will be acceptable for you and mıch more you will be satisfied with the results. If your breast size is not that much big , and in general if you are happy with the size and shape we would not recommend this surgery.


  • What precautions can be taken for breast during pregnancy?

It's not always possibel to prevent the cracks / skin lines and sagging, but in general women who regularly exercise before pregnancy, and control weight gain duruing pregnancy have much lesser lines and also sagging but no matter women take care off the skin has a spesific limit and when reachin this the skin lines can occur very easily.


Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Related Questions 

  • Can the abdominal sagging just corrceted with a abdomen liposuction ?

 If you the skin lines are not to much and the sagging degree very limited , in these cases a liposuction can be enough to solve the abdominal problem. In is the case especially in women who only gain a few kg during pregnancy. But after the second or thirs, in twin deliveries, and high weight gain like 30 - 40 kg in these cases only liposuction will cause to sagging skin.


  • In tummy tuck surgery should surgery incision line continue on the back side ? Is tummy tuck with shorter incision line possibel ?

The lenght of the incision line depends on the degree of sagging skin and tissue. You can test the need also by yourself. Lean your body forward 30 degree forward and tighten up the excess of skin on your groin. If this part is not taken out at the surgery the result will not look nice. With following this excess part you will be abel to define the lenght of the surgery line. Tummy tuck is a very effective remove of excess skin and tissue surgery. If the surgery line is only limited with the C- section suregery line, only a small part, just maybe one hand full can be taken out. In most patients this is not a significant amount to see any difference. If the surgery line is done longer up to 10 times more skin& tissue can be removed. To make it worth for all the efforts, a carefully plan should be done and when needed the surgery line prefered longer, otherwise do not decide for this surgery, its not worth it for a insuffcient result. In shorter lines some sagging bags can also develope and to correct these additional surgeries will be needed and this will also leed to longer surgery lines, so its better to prefer longer surgery lines at first stage.Maximum skin & tissue can be taken out and abdominal muscels can also be thitten on the same surgery and reach a very effective result, much more flat abdomen and thinner look a sportsmen or sportswomen.


  • Will the tummy tuck surgery scars line bother me to much?

The surgery line in tummy tuck surgery is in di bikini zone It will look like a white thin line when you are naked. In cases with strong degree of sagging and skin lines /cracks this surgical line will be easily accepted but this surgery is not recommended in the idea of just for abdomen shaping.


  • Pregnancy after tummmy tuck surgery ?

Yes its possibel. This surgery nor avoid your pregnancy plan , neither leads to spesific problems in pregnancy but after the delivery your abdomen can sag again to a degree.


  • What is mini tummy tuck (mini abdominoplasty)

Mini tummy tuck is limited with stretching the area below the button. This has no effect on the waist and groin, does not fix the navel. The surgery cut is much smaller the healing process is faster. In summary mini surgery - mini outcome. Mini tummy tuck is recommended to patients with some small problem below the abdomen area.


  • I am not happy my previous tummy tuck surgery result. Is it possibel to have another tumm tuck surgery according to the new methods ?

Yes its possibel to have another tummy tuck surgery and reach very good results. If you also want to have liposuction at the abdomen area you have to know that limited fat can be taken from the abdomen and waist area. Due to the previous tummy tuck surgery its seen as a below normal circulated area and abrasive methods like liposcution is not well prefered.


  • Previously I had a liposuction and some holes has developed in my skin , can these removed ?

Yes holes in the skin can be corrected with surgical methods. In correction surgeries the main focus is not on beauty its completly focused on the problem corrrection. Do not expect that everything is corrected in just one session, at once. Sometimes make these corrections can be very difficult but it will be better.


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lV. Non Surgical Beauty Questions


V. Hair Transplant Questions

 Questions about Hair Transplantation


  • What are the preformed new techniques in hair transplantation ?

 The latest new technique in hair transplant is called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). The is taken out from the donor area by using a micromotor. A non scare hair transplant method.


  • What other methods will be availabel in the future to solve the hair problem to reach a natural hair look ?

 Currently the most effective treatment of hair loss is hair transplantation with the FUE method. Studies are still going on but in the future are methods including producing new hair follicles will be also possibel.


• Can Hair transplantation be repeated ?

Depending on the hair transplantation area, still going on hair loss, another hair transplant session can be needed.


• Is it possibel to control the hair look ?

The look of the hair depends on the transplant. The number of used graft and the transplantation direction plays an important role. If the hair is transplanted in the right direction its possibel to reach a very natural and effective hair transplant result.


  • Does Hair transplantation any disadvantages or risk for health ?

This process is completely performed under local anesthesia. There is low risk. No risk or health problems have been reported after the hair transplantation so far.


How much do I need to see my NEW Hair ? 

Some red crusting wil develope after the hair transplant. You can prevent this by washing your haid Daily, in 5-7 days these will fall down. With the red crust the transplantated hair will also fall up. In about 15 day - 1 month it will look like it was before the hair transplant. In the comming 3 months there will be no difference in the look. New hair will come after 3 months. Main difference will be seen after the 5 th or 6 th month. In the comming term, it takes sometimes up to 1 year until the new hair comes. Nutrition, psychological status, stres also important in hair development.


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